Tata Consumer Products Limited
Driving Sustainable Packaging:
A Plastic Reduction
Being a consumer products company, Tata Consumer Products Limited (TCPL) took cognizance of the need to reduce plastic usage in their product packaging and drive sustainability within their operations. The challenge was to implement initiatives that would effectively reduce plastic consumption while maintaining product integrity and addressing any technological and consumer behavior challenges.
The company initiated a structured project, focused on plastic reduction through multiple strategies such as material reduction, substitution, reengineering and downgauging.
Salt packaging
In the salt category, TCPL transitioned from a nonrecyclable structure to a recyclable structure, reducing plastic usage. The portfolio of salt products now stands at an impressive 85% recyclable structure. For salt, they also embraced reusing tertiary packaging, reducing the need to purchase new polypropylene bags from 30% of business requirement to less than 5% currently.
International brands
In a bid to eliminate plastics, Tetley Tea is transitioning 9 billion teabags to plant-based materials!
Some challenges encountered by the company included the availability of HB BOPP films for beverages and compromising on print effects for shelf presentation in the salt business. Additionally, there were concerns about machinability. However, through strategic problem-solving, the company successfully overcame these challenges.
Tea and Pulses packaging
TCPL implemented downgauging techniques, reducing plastic consumption by 50 tonnes annually in the Tea and Pulses portfolios. Additionally, the company successfully removed secondary packaging bags from tea categories for SKUs above 500g, resulting in a further reduction of 80 tonnes of plastic consumption per year.
The implementation of these initiatives is significant in reduction in plastic consumption across the Tata Consumer Products portfolio. For example, Tetley Tea's transition to plant-based materials shall help remove 270 tonnes of traditional plastic from the waste stream.
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Last updated on 19th February 2024