Human Rights
Human rights and their protection are the bedrock of all values dear to us as a society. Sustainability, peace, freedom, inclusive growth, a fair and a just world, are impossible without the protection of human rights.
With the philosophy of 'doing the right thing', the Tata Group has been a pioneer in providing several labour and employee welfare benefits throughout its 150 years of existence. Tata Companies operate across multiple geographies and sectors, and touch the lives of a multitude of stakeholders. The increasing complexity of business activities may put companies in situations that have the potential to adversely impact human rights, in dissonance with our core values. Therefore, identifying human rights risks, addressing these risks, and providing a remedy when required, warrants an institutional approach.
They are
We are all equally entitled to our human rights
They are
They should not be taken away, except in specific situations and only post due process
They are Indivisible
and Interdependent
One set of rights cannot be enjoyed fully without the other and the denial of one right invariably impedes enjoyment of other rights
They are Equal and
Every individual irrespective of nationality, gender, race, etc., enjoys the same rights
There are both -
Rights and Obligations
While we are entitled to our human rights, we are obligated to respect the human rights of others
The Indian Constitution enjoins Fundamental Rights upon every citizen subject to reasonable restrictions that may be enacted by the State. Further, by the 42nd Amendment of the Indian Constitution, citizens are also obligated about their Fundamental Duties.
Our Approach
A structured approach to Business and Human Rights (BHR) began within Tata group in 2019 with the constitution of the working group on Business and Human Rights. The working group developed a framework for BHR and released a BHR policy document as well as BHR Guidelines for Group companies in 2021.
At the Tata Sustainability Group, we are supporting the Group companies in developing and deploying BHR Guidelines, Policy and Framework through our advisory services and knowledge products.
Business And Human Rights
The need for a guiding document for Business and
Human Rights is rooted in the principle of respecting
human rights drawn from the Tata Code of Conduct.
Several Tata Companies have constituted governance mechanism and adopted the BHR policy.
Tata e-orientation on Business and Human Rights
We believe that customized learning content can sensitise our employees on business and human rights issues. Towards this end, we are collaborating with reputed partners to create awareness and build capacity on business and human rights. We have also developed an intensive and interactive e-orientation module on BHR for Group employees.
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