TSM 2024: SMART Lifestyle
For Environment
From the way we design our homes to the food we eat, from our modes of transportation to our moments of leisure, from the things we buy to the quantum we consume. These choices determine the health of both - us and our planet.
So, let's be smart and choose a Lifestyle for Environment to make a lasting difference!
This Tata Sustainability Month, we are going to share with you best practices and hacks to convert lifestyle choices into lifelong habits. With your active participation and enthusiasm, not only will we have a healthier environment but also a healthier you.
If we all become
carbon light,
we can win the eco fight.
If one out of every eight individuals in the world adopt an environment-friendly lifestyle,
global carbon emissions could drop by approximately 20 per cent. Be the one.
This week in Tata Sustainability Month, learn all about how
simple changes in your daily
habits, can significantly decrease
your carbon footprint.
Discover key insights on global energy consumption, fossil fuel reliance,
and how you can support decarbonisation efforts.
By knowing
what is right
we can take the steps to
make things right!
Knowledge is power. We kick-off Tata Sustainability Month by demystifying what
is a Lifestyle For Environment. We shatter myths and reinforce facts. And elucidate
the interconnectedness between our lifestyle and the planet's well-being.
By providing actionable knowledge, we make it easier for you to embrace a Smart LiFE and safeguard the health of both –
us and our planet.
An engaging infographic that shatters common myths and provides lucid answers
to often-asked questions on how to lead a Lifestyle For Environment.
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Last updated on 10th June 2024