Tata Sustainability
Month 2022
Tata Sustainability Month (TSM) is part of our endeavour to build a group-wide sustainability culture. TSM is an awareness and behaviour change initiative which aims to demystify elements of sustainability for 800,000 Tata employees and inspire them to apply a sustainability lens to lifestyle choices as well as business decisions.
TSM 2022: Be EarthSMART
Amidst innumerable celestial bodies spread across the endless space, there is only one Earth, only one planet that we can call home.
The adverse impact of human activity on the planet is now clearly visible and worsening by the year. This year's World Environment Day theme, 'Only One Earth' highlights the need to live sustainably in harmony with nature by bringing transformative changes through our choices.
In alignment with this theme, Tata Sustainability Month 2022, brings to you an exclusive opportunity to learn more about sustainability and adopt cleaner, greener lifestyles.
Course Highlights
A power packed e-course that helps you understand the history of earth, the challenges it faces today and transformative actions we must take protect and restore our planet. 'Only 1 Earth' puts 30 years of learning from global sustainability experts at your fingertips.
All employees who successfully complete the
will be awarded a certificate.
The course is available to all Tata Employees and it is completely free for the entire duration of the Tata Sustainability Month.
The 'Only 1 Earth' course is hosted by our content partner MYSO. On clicking 'Start Course', you will be redirected to mysustainonline.com, which is an external website, and you will be governed by its privacy and cookies policies.
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