Tata Projects Limited
A Sustainable
Approach to Managing
Plastic Waste at
Construction Sites
Construction sites can lead to a lot of plastic waste generation. Tata Projects, one of India's leading EPC companies is committed to addressing the plastic menace across the value chain.
The New Parliament
Building project
So, when the opportunity arose to work on the prestigious New Parliament Building project for the Government of India, Tata Projects put in place a streamlined process for collection, segregation and utilization of plastic waste generated during the course of the project.
  • As a first step, awareness was created among project workers regarding collection & proper segregation of single-use plastic at site.
  • Plastic waste collection bins made by waste plywood & HVAC duct waste were positioned at multiple locations across the site and office areas.
  • Plastic packaging from furniture, personal protective equipment, stone wrappings, PET bottles used during client visits, etc. were collected through designated collection bins.
  • Collected plastic waste was then converted into value added products such as Tshirts, benches, temporary barricades, pen stands, carry bags, etc. in partnership with NGO Lakshya, which works to empower the most vulnerable sections of society, particularly underprivileged women.
The initiative not only tackled the issue of plastic waste generation at the Parliament project site but also demonstrated a practical way to eliminate single-use plastics' harmful effects on the environment. More than 800 kg of plastic waste was prevented from reaching landfills through this and other initiatives under the New Parliament Building project.
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Last updated on 19th February 2024