Trent Limited
Closing the Loop: Trent's Commitment Towards
Sustainable Waste
When you shop at a Westside or Zudio store, you may not see a lot of plastic packaging. But behind the scenes, the story is quite different. Each piece of clothing procured by Trent – which owns the Westside and Zudio brands – comes to the company in a plastic bag. Trent recognized the pressing issue of plastic waste generated across its stores and warehouses, which was being sold to local scrap recyclers without traceability of the way it was treated or disposed.
Partnership with WiseBin
To ensure that all this clear and relatively clean LDPE plastic is responsibly recycled, Trent partnered with WiseBin, a centralized waste collection and recycling organization. Together they embarked on collecting and recycling plastic waste and other solid wastes from almost 200 stores and 2 large warehouses.
In FY23 alone, 326 tonnes of plastic was collected and recycled through WiseBin.
By effectively tracking and managing the disposal and recycling of plastic waste, Trent has better visibility into its waste management processes, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and promoting transparency.
Additionally, to promote circularity, Trent has made efforts to procure biodegradable bags, and recycled cardboard and A4 paper from WiseBin.
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Last updated on 19th February 2024