Tamil Nadu
November 2015
beneficiaries till date
18 cr
funds dispersed
beneficiaries till date
18 cr
funds dispersed
Incessant rainfall and lack of appropriate management of flood waters in Tamil Nadu since 1st December 2015 led to heavy floods in the state, especially in the communities in Chennai city, Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram and Cuddalore districts.
The Tata group launched the Tamil Nadu (TN) Flood Response Programme on December 4, with the distribution of food, emergency response kits, solar lamps, initiation of health and wellness interventions and more. The relief phase saw teams reaching out to 90,000 most affected, poorest people through distribution of emergency kits, drinking water, clothes, blankets, tarpaulin sheets, solar lanterns and medicines. Over 17,500 meals were served through community kitchens and canteens set up under the relief programme. 28 Tata helath camps were held in 23 locations with doctors treating a total of 5,350 patients. In addition, school kits and psychosocial care was provided to school children post the re-opening of schools.
Relief distribution was carried out for an additional 890 homeless families across 20 locations in Chennai, where 70 volunteers from eight Tata companies carried out the entire distribution process. With relief material left over from the January 2016 distribution exercise, 1,005 women headed families and families with disabilities were supported by the group. The flood response programme is currently engaged in several rehabilitation projects in Chennai and Cuddalore. In Chennai city, four NGO run centres that were severely affected by the floods; shelter for homeless men, shelter for children in need of care and protection, academy for children with special needs and a school for children from dalit, tribal and gypsy communities were supported by the Tata group. These centres have been equipped with essential items like water purifiers, kitchen utensils, beds, tables, libraries, computer and science labs, solar panels, etc. needed to provide quality care and support.
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In Cuddalore, water purification systems have been installed in 60 villages/urban areas. Carried out through an entrepreneurial model, the project will provide RO filtered water to these villages while also being a source of livelihood for the entrepreneur and plant manager. Individuals pay INR 5 for 20 litres of RO water. The money collected is then used for monthly maintenance and the remaining sum is kept as profits by the entrepreneur.
2,664 learners have been certified for vocational skill training through three Tata STRIVE skill development centres in Chennai and Kanchipuram.
A higher secondary school built in partnership with Rotary Club of Madras was handed over to the Education department in 2020. The school, located in Perumbakkam where families previously living in slums across the city have been rehabilitated, will cater to over 500 students. The Higher Secondary School at Perumbakkam was handed over to the School Education Department on 27th February 2020.
"Whether small or big, rich or poor, animal or human - disasters affect anyone. The 2015 flood was a live example. It opened my eyes as to why disaster planning and management needs to be given due attention, especially with limited resources. The guidance provided to us ensured that responses were managed in a holistic and integrated approach. My learning from One Tata response: What matters is not just the way we deal with disasters but also how swiftly and sustainably we build back better!", says Rashi Iyer, Disaster Response Project Manager.
Annual Report
Tamil Nadu Floods Response Programme Annual Report 2019-20
For annual reports of previous years, visit the resources section.
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