Kerala &
August 2018
beneficiaries till date
32.7 cr
funds dispersed
beneficiaries till date
32.7 cr
funds dispersed
Incessant rainfall led to heavy floods in Kerala and Karnataka in August 2018. Tata Sons pledged financial resources to support relief operations in the rescue and emergency response phase in Karnataka and Kerala. The Tata Floods Response Programme – Kerala and Karnataka focused on a 'One Tata Response' in both the states with companies pooling in volunteers, resources and leadership. Relief phase was carried out with distribution of 2,358 emergency kits, 1,18,870 litres of RO water across 3 districts. 1,200 school kits were distributed and 1,228 were treated in Tata medical camps.
Under the programme, the Group worked on restoring the Sabrimala route through desilting of Kakki and Pampa rivers, construction of pilgrim sheds and bunk houses, and the construction of toilet blocks. Under the rehabilitation phase, four Anganwadi Centres that will benefit about 275 children, 150 adolescent girls, 20 pregnant and 25 lactating mothers every year have been constructed in Kodagu with Tata steel's Nest-in structures. The Anganwadi in Hebbatagiri was inaugurated by the DC, Group CSO and Convener of the Tata Karnataka State Disaster Response Platform in 2019.
A post disaster livelihoods recovery project has also been undertaken to improve the quality of life of 300 disaster impacted households. 181 individuals will be trained by Krushi Vijnana Kendra and Agro Forestry College in various livelihood opportunities which will enhance the income of families and open doors to newer sources of livelihood among farmers.
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Annual Report
Kerala & Karnataka Response Programme Annual Report 2019-20
For annual reports of previous years, visit the resources section.
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