Integrated Village Development
Programme (IVDP)
tribal population impacted
Farm ponds of
Crore litres capacity
created to save water
hectares of
land rejuveneted
tribal population impacted
Farm ponds of
Crore litres capacity
created to save water
hectares of land
Programme Details
Pathardi, a tribal village in Jawhar block of Palghar district in rural Maharashtra, lags behind in all developmental indicators. Tata Motors along with Sahabhag- the AA cell of Government of Maharashtra, decided to work on an Integrated Village Development approach which aims to work across themes of water, health, education, livelihood, micro entrepreneurship, physical infrastructure and governance.
Tata Motors currently works in six hamlets of Pathardi comprising 300 households with 3000 tribal population. Within two years; Under the Government convergence scheme, about 102 hectares of unproductive land has been converted into productive agricultural land through wadi and floriculture. Nine of the Village committees have been made functional.
Target Beneficiaries
Rural and underprivileged villagers
Pathardi, a tribal village in Palghar district, Maharashtra
  • IVDP programme has touched 3000 tribal population
  • To meet the water shortage, 260 lining farm ponds are made that can hold around 1.39 Crore Ltrs of rain water.
  • Facilitated 128 BPL families to avail benefit from the PMIAY Housing schemes.
  • 100% animal health care through regular vaccination and deworming and feed management.
  • Innovative models implemented, like E-Dost-government authorised service provider for mobile banking services at village level, Equipment Bank, Millet Laddo SHG
  • The income of Pathardi farmers through MNGREGA has almost doubled post the intervention, Till June 2020, this figure reached half the income from last whole year.
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