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Tata Power's Fight
Against Plastics:
From PVC to
Compostable, and
Zero-plastic-waste Events
Plastics account for approximately 13% of the Tata Power Maithon Plant's (MPL) annual waste generation. In an effort to implement sustainable business practices, the MPL team initiated a pilot project to replace ordinary plastic sheets, which are typically made from PVC – a highly toxic plastic – with CPCB certified, ISO:17088 compostable plastic sheets. These sheets are used for the important function of protecting critical assets from water or coal dust.
Compostable plastics cannot be recycled along with conventional plastics, nor can they be decomposed in typical landfills due to their temperature requirements. To ensure this, it is necessary to make sure that compostable packaging ends up in a controlled composting facility. Thus, one of the key learnings from this project was the importance of ensuring the availability of a controlled composting facility at the intended location before switching to compostable plastic materials.
Under the project, MPL will require to purchase 2,000 meter of compostable plastic sheets in FY24. At the end of their useful life, these sheets will transform into valuable compost within 180 days.
Sustainable Events
at Corporate Office
Meanwhile, at the Tata Power Corporate office, the team took up the challenge of transforming corporate events at the Mumbai headquarters into zero plastic waste gatherings. The team discovered that during these office events and trainings, water bottles, pull-up standees, meeting agenda prints, celebration decorations, and other items make up the majority of the plastic used. PETs (RIC 1) and PVCs (RIC 3) were identified as the most prevalent types of plastics used. A typical office event generates approximately 300 or more plastic bottles and over 20 kg of plastic waste used in pull-up standees.
The project achieved a 100% reduction in the use of plastic water bottles and pull-up standees, replacement of a 312 feet of plastic backdrop banner with LED screen, replaced the use of plastics in decorations with upcycled alternatives.
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Last updated on 19th February 2024